Is Cancer Compatible With Capricorn?

Capricorn is the sun sign for all born between December 22nd and January 20th. The symbol for this sun sign is a 'sea goat'. The Zodiac element of a Capricorn is 'earth'. They are usually people of a practical, organized, ambitious and prudent disposition. Capricorn tends to get along very well with people of opposing natures. Thus, Cancer and Capricorn get along very well with each other since in many ways they have opposing nature.

A Cancer person is very domestic and caring. A Capricorn enjoys that because it means that he or she does not need to interfere with the running of the house. However, this laid back, and to a certain extent detached nature of Capricorn can cause the Cancer partner to feel irritated. A Capricorn is very good with words and is soon able to calm the partner. Being very secure people, a Capricorn can understand and appreciate a nature opposite to theirs.

In case of love affairs too the understanding Capricorn can provide care and security that the Cancer partner requires. Both seek security as well as fidelity from their partner. These become the building blocks for a successful relationship. They complement each other in a good way.

In case of friendship this difference in nature can become an issue. However, it is hardly ever a serious one. Moreover, Capricorn is very gentle and is usually very good friends. Thus, even if there are misunderstandings, they get solved very easily.