Is Cancer Compatible With Cancer?

Cancer is the sun sign for all born between June 22nd and July 22nd. The Zodiac symbol is 'crab'. In some cultures it is believed to be 'water sign'. Cancer people are resourceful, home loving, tenacious and generous. However, relation between two Cancers might be full of challenges. Both will be sensitive and susceptible to each other's moods.

Marriage between two Cancers has a very high success rate. Both of them are sensitive to each other's feelings. Moreover, they can understand each other very well. However, it might take some time to get to know each other, since both will be of reclusive nature; the slow discovery of each other's characteristics will only strengthen the bond. Their similar nature will draw them closer to each other in the face of adversities. However, the sensitive nature of both partners can become an issue at times.

A love affair between Cancers can become a little complicated since both will have deep feelings for one another and can be hurt very easily. They might even take a simple 'lover's tiff' very personally. This can adversely harm a serious relationship between the two.

In case of friendship they will be very strong friends. The similarity in tastes and their sensitive nature will only strengthen their bond of friendship. They can become 'bosom buddies'. They will be very close to one another and theirs will be a very secure and successful friendship. The similarity in temperaments will further help them get along very well with each other.