Is Cancer Compatible With Aries?

Aries is the sun sign for all born between the March 21st and April 19th. A 'ram' is the symbol for this sun sign. In some cultures it is believed to be a 'fire sign'. Thus, it has the essential qualities of fire. Cancer, on the other hand, is a 'water sign'. Thus a relationship between Cancer and Aries is full of challenges.

Aries people are very independent and self-sufficient. However, Cancer are dependant and sensitive. This opposing nature may lead to misunderstandings in case of marriages and family. The Aries partner can misinterpret the sensitive nature of a Cancer as a sign of weakness. The nurturing and caring nature of a Cancer can be taken for granted by an Aries partner. This may cause emotional stress to the Cancer and lead to a number of relationship breaking misunderstandings. Then again an Aries can interpret a Cancer's need for dependency or emotional support as being 'clingy'. This too can lead to marriage wrecking issues.

However, in case of a love affair these characteristics can become very endearing. During the initial days of the affair the opposing natures of the two people can be the cause of great attraction between them. In case of a friendly relationship, the opposing natures act as a catalyst helping them to become closer. Cancer and Aries can become quite close friends. They can help each other out in many ways. So enjoy it while you can!