Is Cancer Compatible With Aquarius?

Aquarius is the sun sign for all born between January 21st and February 19th. The symbol for this sun sign is a 'water carrier'. The Zodiac element of Aquarius is 'air'. An is humanitarian, unconventional and independent by nature. Aquarius' requirement for independence and freedom usually has a negative impact on their relationships. They can sometimes become very stubborn as well as illogical. This characteristic causes more harm in case of a relationship with a Cancer.

In case of marriage the Cancer partner is more connected to the family. The Aquarius partner does not get emotionally involved with the family. Their creative nature does not allow them to get attached to anything. However, a Cancer always seeks security. Thus, instead of reducing the partner's fears the nonchalant nature of the Aquarius partner increases it. Moreover, Aquarius people are quite ambitious. Hence, they are prepared to take chances with their careers irrespective of the effect on the family.

Love affairs between Aquarius and Cancer are very difficult to maintain. Normally, the Cancer partner gets very easily attached and can commit much faster than the Aquarius partner. This lack of security has adverse effects on the relationship. The Cancer partner tends to feel taken for granted, thereby destroying the entire relationship.

In case of friendship, the Aquarius partner is very demanding. They always turn to their friend for intellectual stimulation. However, a Cancer may not always be up to it creating misunderstandings between friends.