Aries Love Compatibility With Virgo

At the first glance, it would seem like Aries and Virgo have nothing in common. They are the complete opposites of each other. But when they fall in love, with enough time and patience, they could end up learning a lot from each other.

Aries is impatient, brash and always on the go. Virgo is slow, grounded and works patiently towards attaining the goals. It is here that both can learn a thing or two from the other. Virgo, being an Earth sign, can teach Aries how to be practical, patient and to pay attention to detail. Aries can teach Virgo how to have more fun and be more spontaneous.

Mars ruled Aries doesn't like to waste time in planning and paying attention to detail. If they want something, they go out and get it without a second thought. Mercury ruled Virgo, on the other hand, thinks things through to the smallest detail. With such opposite attitudes, fights are inevitable. Patience with each other and the willingness to learn is what can save the relationship.

Money is another bone of contention between these two. Virgos are notoriously thrifty. They keep meticulous accounts and don't approve of spending sprees. Aries spend, spend and then.spend some more.

The one thing that they will not fight have too many fights about is who the boss is. Virgo, being a Mutable sign, is quite content to follow the Ram as long as it makes sense to them. They work well as a team when they learn to appreciate each other's unique qualities.