Aries Love Compatibility With Taurus

Aries represents passion while Taurus represents love. In essence, this relationship is a union of the male and female energies. It is a relationship of balance. Aries is attracted to the patience and stability of Taurus. Taurus, being an Earth sign, is slow-moving and sensual. Aries is fascinated by that. Taurus, on the other hand, is attracted by the outgoing and energetic nature of Aries.

A relationship between these two is a good one. The sexual nature of the relationship will be intense with the fiery passion of the Ram and the sensuality of the Bull. Taurus can teach Aries how to slow down and enjoy life for what it is. In arguments, Aries will normally be on the losing side because Taurus, once convinced of something, is not going to be shaken. Charm and diplomacy work much better with the Bull.

Taureans can get possessive if they feel insecure. Ariens cannot tolerate possessiveness. This problem can be easily solved if Aries can convince Taurus that the relationship is strong. Once secure and assured of commitment, Taurus can be flexible and tolerant of Aries independence.

Since both signs are strong willed, there will be clashes for dominance. In this case, the ability to compromise is very important.

This relationship can be a wonderful learning experience for both these signs. Aries can teach Taurus how to enjoy life and be more spontaneous. Taurus can calm Aries and show him/her how life in the slow lane can be fun as well.

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