Aries Love Compatibility With Leo

When the Lion and the Ram get together, sparks fly! The Aries-Leo relationship is marked by passion - of all kinds. They have a lot in common. Both like to be in control. Both like sports and competition and both understand where the other is coming from. Both of them also have large egos.

The sexual relationship between Aries and Leo will be fiercely passionate. Aries can be impatient with the Leo's constant need to be admired. The Lion's flirtatiousness could also irritate the Ram. Despite the fights, their mutual respect and admiration for each other will act as the glue that keeps them together.

Since Aries and Leo are Fire signs, they will have a tempestuous relationship. Both of them would feel the need to be the dominant one in the relationship. This could create problems. The plus side of sharing the same element is that they are always on the move. So, Aries wouldn't have the time to hold a grudge. There's just too much to do. The Leo would also need to learn to let go of any latent resentment.

Leo, being a Fixed sign, can bring Aries stability and a sense of responsibility. Aries, being a Cardinal sign, can teach Leo how to be more assertive and take more chances. The Ram can sometimes say things that can hurt the Lion's feelings. The Lion can irritate the Ram by being bossy and sulky. But with the admiration and loyalty that they have towards each other, they can sort out almost any problem that they have.