Aries Love Compatibility With Gemini

Aries and Gemini have a lot in common. When these two start a relationship, it has a good chance of surviving. Both these signs are independent, adventurous and curious. This makes a great basis for communication and learning.

Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini which means that the Gemini is a quick thinker and has very changeable moods. Since Aries is also a very extroverted and energetic sign, they are the few people who can keep up, intellectually and physically, with Gemini. Mercury also symbolizes communication, while Mars, Aries' ruling planet, symbolizes passion. This means that they work well together.

They have great debates with lots of different points of view on everything. Aries has to be careful not to try and dominate or insult the Gemini point of view. Since both of them are passionate and have a wide range of interests, nothing is impossible once they set their mind on something.

A big problem in the relationship could be the fact that Gemini is a natural flirt. This could arouse the infamous Arian jealousy. Both of them have to be aware of the consequences of their actions. Also, Aries should not try and control Gemini as the one thing that Gemini hates the most is being told what to do and what not.

Together Aries and Gemini can reach the sky, if they want to. Even if the relationship doesn't work out romantically, they will always be great friends.