Aries Love Compatibility With Cancer

The term "opposites attract" could have been made for the Aries-Cancer love relationship. The Ram is passionate and an extrovert while the Crab is all sensitivity and emotion. In the beginning, it is these very attributes that they find attractive in each other. Problems can arise if the Cancerian mood swings and the Aries aggressiveness become hurtful.

Cancerians are home loving people. Their greatest wish is to have a home and a family. They provide their Aries partner with a stable home and emotional security. At times, the Cancerian tendency to lean towards possessiveness can clash with the Aries need for independence. It would help if Aries can make the Cancerian partner feel more secure in the relationship. Cancerians also have very good instincts and can help balance out the Aries lack of planning.

Since Cancer is a Water sign and Aries is a Fire sign, they can either help or hurt each other. The Crab can teach the Ram to take things slow and the Ram can teach the Crab to come out of its shell. They have to be careful, though. Too much water can dampen the fire and too much fire can make the water evaporate. Cancerians tend to be emotionally manipulative and they can diminish the wonderful enthusiasm of the Ram. The aggressiveness of the Ram could deeply hurt the sensitive Crab.

For this relationship to work, both Aries and Cancer have to be able to listen to each other. They have to have open lines of communication to preserve the balance in their relationship.