Aquarius Love Compatibility With Virgo

Aquarius and Virgo have a decent compatibility. Virgo is an earth sign while Aquarius is an air sign. Both of them are spiritually inclined intellectuals. Virgo is practical. Aquarius lives in a world of his own. Aquarius is good at planning while Virgo is good at executing. Virgo is responsible whereas Aquarius is carefree. In spite of these differences, they share many common interests. They are also intellectually compatible and so they enjoy great conversations together. However, passion and romantic spark is missing in their relationship even though the good thing is that they have the capability to bring the best in each other.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Virgo Woman:

Virgo woman is practical and is not very romantic. Aquarius man is intellectual, inventive and detached. Virgo woman is nurturer and can take good care of her Aquarius man. As they share many common interests, they can become good partners. Their relationship is not very romantic and lacks passion. In simple words, their relationship is neither too good nor too bad.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Virgo Man:

Aquarius woman and Virgo man differ in their outlook towards life. Virgo man lives in 'today' and Aquarius woman in 'tomorrow'. Aquarius woman is independent, carefree and optimist while Virgo man is both practical and a pessimist. Virgo man is quite reserved and does not enjoy experimenting whereas Aquarius woman wants variety and adventure in her life. Their relationship lacks emotional bonding. They can have good relationship if they are willing to make compromises.