Compatibility Of Aquarius And Pisces

Aquarius is an air sign and Pisces is a water sign. These two sun signs are not compatible. Aquarius is shy and unpredictable. Pisces is sensitive, emotional and compassionate. Pi Aquarius Love Compatibility With Piscessces is very possessive and dependent whereas Aquarius loves freedom.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Pisces Woman

This relationship is not compatible. Pisces woman is a dreamer and lives in her own world. She is sensual and romantic. She loves long drives, candle light dinners and roses whereas Aquarius man loves adventure. They will enjoy many activities together but the emotional needs of Pisces woman remain largely unfulfilled in this relationship. Aquarius man is rational and logical. He is insensitive, indifferent and not so romantic. Pisces woman would like her man to know her innermost desires but the carefree Aquarius hardly bothers to know and fulfill her wishes. Aquarius man wants solitude and is bothered about the world. Pisces woman wants to spend time with him. The highly sensitive Pisces woman feels lonely in this relationship. Pisces woman is indecisive and an escapist and hence she needs a strong partner.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Pisces Man

Pisces man is very romantic and can easily sway Aquarius woman off her feet. But this relationship is short-lived. They will be physically attracted to each other. But Aquarius woman doesn't like the over possessive behavior of her Pisces man. She wants freedom and also wants him to have life of his own. But Pisces man wants to spend every moment of his life with her. Pisces man will feel neglected in this relationship and Aquarius woman will feel irritated and choked. This is not a good match.