Aquarius Love Compatibility With Libra

The compatibility between Aquarius and Libra is great. Aquarius and Libra are air signs. Both are intelligent and have a penchant for adventure. Libra is balanced, romantic and charming. Aquarius is independent, idealistic and unpredictable. Both of them are creative and social. There is great sexual chemistry between the two.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Libra Woman

They make a great couple. They have similar interests which they love to pursue together. Both like socializing and traveling. Aquarius man admires the beauty and the brains of a Libra woman. The Libran woman likes the experimental and adventurous Aquarius man. As both of them are intellectuals, they have stimulating conversation. There is never a dull moment between the two. The time just flies when these two are together. Libra likes to spend intimate moments with her Aquarius man. Their sex life is terrific as both like to experiment.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Libra Man

This is an ideal match. There is strong attraction between them. They are good friends and good lovers. Libra man is caring and independent. He gives space to his partner which an Aquarius woman loves. Libra man is creative and intelligent. Both Libra man and Aquarius woman have a higher purpose in life. Both of them think beyond their families and love to work for society. They share common interests in different kinds of art. Libra man is diplomatic and hence may become indecisive sometimes. Aquarius woman helps him to get out of such situations with her rational and logical thinking.