Aquarius Love Compatibility With Leo

The compatibility between these two sun signs is fair. Aquarius is an air sign and Leo is a fire sign. Leo has a dominant and strong personality. Leo is a leader. Leo is warm and friendly and loves to take risks. Aquarius is intellectual, wanderer and detached. Aquarius is interested in exploring the world and is spiritual. Aquarius and Leo can enjoy a good relationship if they can keep their egos aside and admire the positive traits of each other.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Leo Woman:

This relationship can be bit difficult, as the Leo woman will try to dominate the freedom loving Aquarius man. Leo yearns for success whereas Aquarius is not interested in material gains being quite spiritual. This can cause differences between the couple. Leo woman is fiery and cannot tolerate the carefree attitude of an Aquarius man. Aquarius man will be more like a friend to his partner but Leo woman has strong emotional and sexual needs. Their love life will not be great and Leo woman may feel unsatisfied. Passion and spark will be missing in their relationship.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Leo Man:

Leo man admires the independent and intellectual qualities of his Aquarius woman. She on her part admires his strong and confident personality. In this relationship, the Leo man needs to understand his partner's need for space and the Aquarius woman should understand her partner's need for physical intimacy. She should also be able to satisfy his ego. This relationship can be successful with some effort.