Aquarius Love Compatibility With Gemini

Both Aquarius and Gemini are air signs. Aquarius is intellectual, inventive and genius. Gemini is social, clever and spontaneous. Gemini has the gift of the gab. Aquarius and Gemini share a great rapport with each other. Both of them have a similar outlook towards life and they share many common interests. They are independent, unpredictable and carefree. They both love to experiment. The only thing that might cause some problem in their relationship is the need of Aquarius for some solitude.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Gemini Woman:

Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus. This planet denotes surprises and sudden changes. Gemini woman likes this trait in her Aquarius man. She loves to indulge in adventurous and outdoor activities with him. Gemini woman is charming, good looking, witty and loving. She wants variety in life. Aquarius man adores his Gemini partner. Both have the same intellectual levels and can hold good conversations for long. The Aquarius man needs space and this may sometime irritate his Gemini woman. This two are more like friends than lovers.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Gemini Man:

They make a great couple. Since both are independent, adventurous and social, they love each other's company. They both hate routines and like to do things in a different way. There is a good chemistry between them. Gemini man appreciates the intellect of his Aquarius partner and Aquarius woman likes the charming ways of her Gemini man. There is strong physical chemistry between them. However, the Aquarius woman should learn few tricks to please her Gemini man and the man should respect his partner's need for space to make this relationship last.