Aquarius Love Compatibility With Cancer

An Aquarius and a Cancer do not make a very compatible pair. Aquarius is an air sign and loves freedom whereas Cancer is a water sign and wants security and unconditional love and warmth. Aquarius is logical and realistic while Cancer is emotional and a dreamer. Cancer is a home buddy while Aquarius has higher purpose in life. The two cannot satisfy the needs of each other. The relationship can work only if both of them are ready to make compromises.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Cancer Woman:

This relationship can be very difficult as both of them have different traits. Cancer woman wants to feel the warm snug of her partner while Aquarius man wants space and freedom. She is very sensitive and quite a cry baby which her Aquarius partner finds irritating. She needs constant love and reassurance from her partner. She is very romantic but Aquarius man does not know how to express and show his love. Aquarius man cannot satisfy her emotional needs. She may feel isolated due to the detached behavior of her partner.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Cancer Man:

Aquarius woman is thinker while Cancer man is emotional. They generally cannot have great conversations with each other because of their different outlook towards love and life. Cancer man will always need love, warmth and hugs from his partner which Aquarius woman may find irritating. Cancer is dependent while Aquarius is quite independent. Aquarius woman may like to seek solitude and hide in her shell from time to time whereas Cancer man wants to have fun with family and friends. This relationship can be very difficult to keep for long.