Aquarius Love Compatibility With Aries

Aquarius is an air sign and Aries is a fire sign. The compatibility between the two is good. Aquarius is a shy thinker and loner. Aries is dominant, fiery and outgoing. Aquarius is rational while Aries is impulsive. Even though each of these sun signs has different traits they can have a good relationship. However, both the partners should be ready to handle the negative traits of each other and make certain compromises.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Man And Aries Woman:

Aquarius man is independent, shy and spiritual. On the other side, Aries woman is temperamental, dominant, outgoing and impulsive. Aquarius man does not get into arguments and avoids confrontation. Aquarius man and Aries woman can enjoy a great life together but Aquarius man should know how to cool his Aries woman. Aries woman appreciates out of the box thinking of her Aquarius man. In this relationship, the Aquarius man may yearn for temporary solitude.

Compatibility Of Aquarius Woman And Aries Man:

Aries man knows how to woo his woman. Aries man and Aquarius woman can be good partners. Aries man likes the intelligence and friendliness of his Aquarian woman and Aquarius woman likes the energy and enthusiasm of her Aries man. The relationship can be successful if Aquarius woman can handle the strong and fiery nature of her Aries man. This couple enjoys socializing and indulging in outdoor activities together. They enjoy good conversation and have a great love life.