Aquarius Love Compatibility With Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign. The people born under this sun sign are difficult to understand. They are shy, friendly and independent. They are stubborn and rebellious. They are not very emotional and hence may seem cold to others. They want their space and so it is difficult for them to live with very emotional people. They are idea generators and hence their partners find them to be mentally stimulating. They are optimist. They get easily bored with routine and love to experiment. They are spiritual and are not materialistic.

Aquarius man is highly compatible with the Aquarius woman. This relationship blooms as both of them can enjoy their freedom without any interference. There is a good chemistry between them. They respect each other's individuality. Since both of them are from the same sun sign they have same interests. They love to travel together. They like to experiment new things in life. They do even the daily chores in different ways to keep boredom at bay. Both of them are social and love to catch up with friends and acquaintances. Aquarius people are not so romantic so this couple are more like friends. They should make some efforts to bring passion and romance into their lives. Since they have same negative traits too, there can be some problems in their relationship. They have to make some compromises to keep this relationship going. As both have carefree attitude, it is important for them to become a bit responsible. It is necessary for them to put their egos aside to lead a happy life together.