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A lot of detailed information is being thrown at you at work. Don't get bogged down by the details. Be your usual diligent self, but let a partner play a critical role too. You might be the hardest working person in the room, but some projects are simply too complicated for one person. Even if you feel left in the background, you will both get the credit you deserve. As for love, your constant need to do for others is leading to stress related problems. Trouble focusing and relaxing are all due to spending too much energy trying to fix others. Being a perfectionist at work might win you points with superiors, but in love it may be too much for someone to handle. You will make a connection with a Cancer. They will appreciate the quirky habits you try to hide from others. Financially, your love of structure has held you back from missed opportunities. Be open to a new endeavor with a trusted partner and you might be surprised. As an Earth sign, you tend to be too practical. Loosen up and let the benefits roll in. Your lucky numbers today are 12, 3, and 46.

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