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Virgo (August 24-September 23)

Virgo of the Day: Jason Priestley
Lucky Numbers: 13, 31, 27, 15, 27, 51

Today is a great time for all of you who are born under the zodiac. Things may look down now and it may feel the world is against you, but life is definitely looking up. Be very cautious of some friends and people you work with, they may try to bring you down and into their problems. Just because you may be feeling bad now don't give misery its company. If you keep your attitude positive and do not stoop to their level, a wonderful gem will soon be uncovered. Your lover is about to give you a wonderful gift, maybe it's that special night you've been dreaming of. To the single Virgo your time is coming now. For those who've been looking for a partner, it's time to stop. As you free yourself from the worries of finding a partner, someone close to you is about to introduce you to a caring mate. Make sure you are a little vain and maintain yourself because the time is coming quickly. Keep your eyes open for your closest companions the Taurus or a Capricorn. They will lead you to happiness and may gift you the passion that you have been looking for in your life.

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