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The Virgin
August 23-September 23

Virgo, your demureness and shyness are alluring. Be wary of strangers and acquaintances who will mistake your demureness for vulnerability. New encounters will come on as gentle and mannerly. You are not an easy target, so don't make it so. Today is a favorable day for pursuing romantic interests. Conceal nothing. Now is not the time for modesty.

At work, trust your analysis of any given situation. Do not hesitate to share your ideas with your coworkers and superiors. Have faith in your convictions, and when others disagree, stand up for yourself. Your research and conclusions are not without merit.

Similarly, today trust your instincts as regards your investments. Do not second guess yourself. Go with your gut.

It is a good time for "Spring cleaning." Vacuum your floors and upholstery. Dust and polish your wood furniture. Purge the unused items in your closet. Donate to charity. Make amends as necessary. Attend your annual physical exam. Your mind, body, and soul would benefit greatly at this time.

If there is something in your life on which you cannot decide, do not force a decision today.

Your lucky numbers for today are 5, 8, and 19. Your lucky color is brown.

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