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You're magnificent at helping your friends achieve their dreams, and right now a friend could use an injection of your excitement. Give them some nice compliments and encouragement in the romance department. Push them all the way forward until you feel as if you're living in a science fiction novel - push yourself to the limit but not over the edge! Everything gets very interesting once you've gotten involved in it, keep it up.

Trouble comes only when you indulge in the expectation that, 'One day, the whole thing will be over.' It is then you hurry without reason and court deep disappointment. Take a reality check and then, relax. Your situation is kind of humorous. If you focus on the positive side of it, and let go the issue you are grasping too tightly, you'll find yet another way to enjoy it.

Career: The offer isn't going to last very long. If it's on the table for a short time only and you still have indecision, perhaps you should leave it there. Something better may just lie round the corner.

Your color for today is radiant orange; you will enjoy the surroundings of this color.

Your numbers for today are 1, 4, 26, 31, and 43.

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