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Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

You are extremely self-confident and courageous as you do not hesitate from any kind of situation, which needs your attention. You are independent, innovative, and audacious.

You must exercise some caution while making financial deals and listen to your instinct. What you decide by heart will turn in your favour. You will receive favorable support from friends and relatives in whatever you do. Your decisions will prove to be a great vision as luck is on your side today. However, it is not the best day to make financial decisions. Do not let your frustrations and personal grudges rule your judgement and make some great blunders.

Students and professionals will feel inclined to complete their pending assignments and succeed in their effort. Authors and architects will get new ideas for their new projects.

Marriage is not on the cards for singles, but the chances of having a passing affair are great. Couples can have comfort in each other's company and look ahead to a great day filled with love and passion. It is also going to be a great time to spend with family and refresh the old bonds.

You must wear emerald for better luck and your lucky color is green.

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