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The Ram
April 20-May 20

Taurians, today, should be careful in their personal relationships. Their kind and generous nature is a blessing to themselves and to those who know and love them. But beware of those who might seek to take advantage of you. Someone close to you may give you reason to doubt them. Don't give in to your suspicions. Give this person the benefit of doubt. Let the course play out. In the end, you will realize that your suspicions held no water, and your relationship will benefit and build on your demonstrated trust.

You may feel like your efforts at work are going unnoticed. Do not be desparate. Persevere, keep up the good work, and your will reap the benefits.

Today is a good day for making financial investments, be it large or small. You may want to incorporate the potential for prosperity into your leisure activities; take a trip to a casino. Be cautioned, do not get greedy, or you will lose it all!

Do something today that is outside your comfort zone. You may be surprised at unforeseen benefits round the corner. But be cautious; it should not be something dangerous!

Your lucky numbers today are 8, 9, and 22. Your lucky color is navy blue.

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