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You need to keep a solid team around you today both personally and professionally. You might feel restricted or confined at first, but those around you will make things easier. You will realize that now is the time to keep those positive influences as close as possible. They will block out the negative ones trying to sway you without you realizing it. Your cautious nature will make their job of protecting you easier. Your stable and good friends will be your biggest asset today. They will keep you true to yourself while others try hard to make you compromise your character. Avoid a bossy Capricorn in the near future. They will lead you down the wrong path anyway and take advantage of your easy-going attitude. You will find a new money resource by staying true to your steady nature. Keep your current habit of not being too overindulgent. You will fast find yourself becoming materialistic if you steer off course even slightly. A nurturing but overemotional Cancer will try and mingle with your crowd today. While you could easily be drawn to this person, realize that boredom will set in quickly. Your lucky numbers are 1, 14 and 89.

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