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The Scorpion
October 24-November 22

Scorpio, you love deeply and passionately, but at times can be overly demanding and controlling. Members of the opposite sex may be turned off by or have grown tired of your strength. Take a back seat and let the others have the floor and be in control. Think before you speak, and try not to say anything bossy today. You will be pleasantly surprised at the rewards your self-control will reap.

Today would not be a good day to provoke your boss or be a whistle-blower. If your entrepreneurial spirit has been nagging at you, take action to encourage it. However, don't quit your day job. If unemployed, today would be a very good day to actively seek employment, make phone calls, and go on job interviews.

You will be presented with an opportunity for investment or some form of "get-rich-quick scheme." While such a chance may actually prove to be worth your while, do not make any final decisions today. Think on it for at least two days.

Stay close to your friends and loved ones. Today, call someone who you have been neglecting.

Your lucky numbers today are 4, 8, and 28. Your lucky color is plum.

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