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Intense conflict seems to be on the horizon for you. Someone who strongly disagrees with you on a personal matter won't let the issue drop. You will be tempted to explode; but remember you do respect their thoughts and ideas. You just need to step back and realize they can be just as strong-willed as you, like it or not. Stay calm and focused and your intensity will remain at an acceptable level. They will eventually see you just might be right. You don't really want to cause a permanent rift between each other. As for work, now is the time to relax a little. Let your fun playful side show through. Your co-workers are already devoted and loyal so ease up on the demands. While they respect your 'never give up' personal approach to getting the job done, they will feel closer to you if you just lighten up a little. As a fixed water sign, you can be stubborn and fixated on your goals but those around you respect you for it. Let them get to know the real you a little and they will only respect you more. Your lucky numbers are 14, 54, and 11.

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