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Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov21)

You are feeling very energetic today. Use this enthusiasm to your advantage, and luck will also favor you. This is the time to experiencing the highs. Subject some of your time to insight and self-assessment. Think what is best for you, and then, follow your heart. This may require you to refuse favors to some people.

Worrying will not solve any purpose. On the other hand, it may make you look too self-engrossed. Do not feel insecure, as the risks taken by you will prove beneficial. Stocks will rise and bring profits. Teachers and accountants will be appreciated for their efforts and applauded by their superiors. The limelight will be on you, and you will bask in this new found glory.

But here is a word of caution. Be careful, what you say might land you in some trouble. So, watch your words.

You must understand that jealousy and possessiveness will not help you get your love back. Try to win your love by nice gestures and loving concern. Your lucky period has started, and you will soon find you true love.

Your lucky gemstones are Jasper and Topaz. The lucky color for you today is yellow.

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