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Scorpio (October 24-November 22)

Scorpio of the Day: Owen Wilson
Lucky Numbers: 3, 5, 41, 8, 9, 30

Today is going to be a wonderful day for all you Scorpios out there. Nothing but great things can happen to you today if you follow the stars. Your mood is wonderful and today is the day to start a new project. Put on those sneakers that have been gathering dust in the closet and take a run, play some disc golf, and just get out and enjoy the wonderful things that surround you. Come home and throw out that junk food and start your life in a healthy way. Tonight look into how to get fit and healthy, then go out with some of your sexy friends and dance the night away. Your pals Cancer and Pisces will make wonderful mates for the night, and you are lucky in more ways than one. Make sure that your love is behind you all the way, and get them on the right track with you. For the young Scorpio this will be a great day to hang out with your friends in the park. Run around like you are 5 years old, then sit around and tell each other your darkest secrets. Release all the trouble from around you and rejoice in the youth that will abound from all.

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