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The Archer
November 23-December 21

Sagittarius, your relationships with others is very strong, but can be taken for granted and become monotonous. Do something today that is overtly, physically affectionate. Your affections will be greatly appreciated and will most definitely not go unreciprocated!

In your career, be patient. Do not be authoritative today. Take an active approach to seeking the input of others. Your hard work will be rewarded and your coworkers and subordinates will respect you.

Your conservative investments should be paying off in modest amounts. Use some of the returns to make travel plans, be it a small, weekend getaway or an exotic vacation.

Today, take inventory of your life. Pick one positive thing, and give yourself a small reward. Pick one negative thing, and make a conscious decision to change it. Take action.

There is someone who does not trust you. Be sure to be honest in all of your endeavors and with all of your contacts and connections. Do not allow there to be something that someone can uncover and use against you, for it will most certainly happen.

Lucky Numbers: Your lucky numbers today are 3, 20, and 30. Your lucky color is red.

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