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You will display an optimistic and happy disposition today. You may become curious to know about the future rather than focussing on the events of the present day. You would surprise many by dealing with all matters today in an extremely independent manner.

You are likely to help a friend in your usual openhearted way. Your straightforward, clever and congenial ways would win you a friend or two today who are likely to turn into long-time acquaintances. Though others will enjoy your company when you are in your usual joyful and outgoing mood, you tend to become sullen if someone tries to clip your wings. So be on your guard.

You are altruistic by nature and will readily sacrifice time, money and energy to help others. Try to keep a tab on this generous trait of yours or it would end up being a fault.

You tend to hunt for newer ideas and experiences and love travel, adventure as well as philosophy - all of which allow you to extend beyond the confines of your immediate environment. You will seek wisdom and knowledge today with an unending fervour.

Your undying optimistic approach is your biggest strength. However, try not to get overwhelmed by your problems or run away from them. Rather, take them head on and you will emerge a winner for sure!

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