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You have come to crossroads and your adventurous spirit is itching to jump on a new path. You are expanding your options and can already see this will be an exciting new road for you. You will need a lot more than just luck and enthusiasm to make it all happen. Take stock of where you are now before racing ahead. It will be beneficial to take a moment to feel all of the love and support being thrown your way and the new road will be smooth going. It may involve a move much bigger than you foresee, but for a freedom loving archer, it won't feel like the overwhelming change that others might perceive it to be. An old emotional attachment will try to creep back into your life before you take the big plunge. Remember other fire signs, Aries and Leo, might mesmerize you; but that could hold you back right now. As for money, don't bite the hand that feeds you. Your bluntness with superiors could be misinterpreted as rudeness. You have to remember that they don't know you as well as your friends do. Your lucky numbers are 17, 10 and 2.

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