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Your energetic thoughts have subsided today. You will find that things are much easier today than usual, but you will be sluggish. Take some time to consider your options and plan a little for the future.

That funny feeling that you had when you got up - could it be a little fever? Or is there a big bird in your future? Either way doesn't plan on getting anything done this morning; you'll be busy drifting off and dreaming. It will be a little fun, nothing too serious.

It should be a lot of kicks and giggles with you and your partner today. Take a long walk in the park with a pet once you have your energy back, you may find yourself getting a little sweaty later.

You will find some interesting ways to go green today. Don't just throw away your cleaning products today. Let them run their course and then replace them with earth friendly ones.

Career: How's the view from your seat? Now is not the time to get spontaneous. Follow your instinct but proceed with caution; it will get a little bumpy, but persistence will see you through.

Your color today is a light shade of green, you should wear it.

Your lucky numbers are 3, 8, 9, 12, and 21.

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