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Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

You show a rare combination of great managerial qualities and pure kindness of heart in your character. Even though, you are confident, you seek approval from your colleagues and elders while making important professional and family decisions.

Do not invest in stocks as the period is not right for you. It may permanently damage your savings. Investment in property or assets will be more profitable for you. Your focus will be mainly on gaining financial security and being more in control of your earning abilities. A family dispute regarding property may erupt, which will be resolved by your clear judgment and support from other family members.

Professionals will get a raise, promotion or recognition of their work. Sportsmen and artists have an especially favorable day as they get applauded for their grit and creativity.

You will find a new meaning to your relationship with your partners as you share your happiness and sorrows. Those who are just tied by a weak string to a dying relationship and singles will find new love in the form of a friend or colleague.

Wear Aquamarine in your ring finger to see luck favoring you all the way. Your lucky color is sea green.

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