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The Fish
February 20-March 20

You are caring and kindhearted to a fault. Don't allow yourself to be to pushed around or abused, physically or emotionally. Today, stand up for yourself. Let your partner know it is not okay to walk all over you. You may be drawn toward an old lover. Do not allow this person back into your life. Doing so will hurt you not only in the course of the relationship, but even more so in the end.

In your professional life, you are well suited to care for others. If you're not in a career where you do care for others, then you would find volunteering extremely personally rewarding and fulfilling. Do not attempt to undertake any new business venture, no matter how promising it may sound.

Today is an auspicious day for making small investments or diversifying your portfolio among low-risk investments. If your funds are low, it is a good day to set a goal and begin a small savings plan.

Be available on phone today. A good friend or family member may be in dire need of your calm influence and advice.

Your lucky numbers today are 15, 17, and 20. Your lucky color is bright green.

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