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Today is the day to be a little cautious about whom you should help in the workplace. If you offer too much help, you will actually end up receiving credit for work you did not do. This could put you in an embarrassing position with higher ups, not to mention co-workers. It might be in your best interest to step back and stir clear of those in need for the time being. With a future venture, don't let your idealistic outlook cloud reality too much. It will leave you feeling gullible in the end. Be tolerant of the emotional needs of a loved one today. Let them get their problems off their chest. Your compassion alone will help them see their way out of darkness. Financially, expect someone to disagree with you about how you have decided to splurge. But, it is important to your self esteem so go for it. Anyone who knows you will realize you have been lacking self confidence lately and can really use this boost. You will find a feeling of completeness with another Pisces very soon. Just trust they are a dreamer like you. Your lucky numbers today are 23, 66, and 18.

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