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You will impress people around you with your grace, charm, intelligence and diplomacy today. You will be compassionate in your personal relationships, much to the delight of your partner. Tricky situations at business or work will bring the impersonal and impartial trait of your nature to the forefront today. Even in complex situations, you are likely to come to a balanced view after considering all the options reasonably.

Your good listening and perception skills will pay off rich dividends today. Librans who are in professions such as fashion designing and interior decoration would be lauded today for their creativity. Even artists, lawyers, judges and musicians who are born under the zodiac sign of Libra will enjoy a taste of success in their respective fields today.

Try to wear attire in pink, blue, pale or jade green today as these are your lucky colors and will enhance your personality traits. If you want to increase your earning potential, wear any dress in burgundy, red or violet color. Those of you looking for love and romance would do well to wear colors like scarlet, carmine and red.

Try to take major decisions of your life and career on a Friday, which is the best day of this week. Your lucky numbers are 7, 8 and 27.

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