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The Scales
September 24-October 23

Libra, your flirtatious nature will possibly lead someone who has a negative influence to believe that you are more interested in them than you actually are. While intriguing at first, this person will only prove to get you into trouble, with considerable potential for becoming a stalker. Pull in the reins a little. Save your amorous advances for someone who will complement your sensitivities and help you stay on a secure and productive life path.

While you may be mildly content in your current job, today take inventory of your hopes, dreams, and ambitions. Perhaps, you have always wanted to work to help or save humanity. Today, set a goal and take a small step toward achieving that goal.

Today is not an auspicious day for you to make financial trades or investments.

If you are currently finding yourself living life in the fast lane and getting into trouble, now is the time to do what you have always wanted to do to change that course. Conversely, if you are stuck in a boring rut, consider doing something risky and funny.

Your lucky numbers today are 8, 13, and 20. Your lucky color is sage green.

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