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Your social life has been a bit too active lately. Your sensitivity to the emotions of others is causing you to be overly moody with friends and potential lovers. Others are noticing your roller coaster-like mood swings and avoiding you because of it. Lately, you have let others emotional problems cause too much chaos for you and it shows. It might be best to stay out of the social circles you have been spinning in for just a short while. While you can't help being social, enough is enough for a while. When you take a breather, your balance and harmony will return. Your friends will notice the calmer you immediately. There is great news on the job horizon when you step back from the social life for a while. As an air sign, you are naturally full of great ideas at the work place. Spell out some new concepts to a co-worker and you will both reap the benefits. You might be tempted to just go at it alone, but don't risk it. A Gemini or Aquarius will be the best partner you can find and work with on this project. Your lucky numbers are 31, 9, and 5.

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