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Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 23)

A Libran is truly a balancer in life. He or she will always reason, weigh, and then, move forward. You cannot manipulate or twist according to circumstances, as reason rules high in your mind. You like to stay in touch with old friends.

Today will be eventful, as you will be in charge of matters. You will be busy organizing and managing things. At home and at work, things will fall in place for you. You need to be assertive and not give in to other people, just to avoid being hurt.

A bight day for taking up new business ventures. Judges will find themselves emerge from a situation of dilemma. A great day for people associated with children, like teachers, amusement park workers, fast-food employees, etc. Buying a new vehicle or gadget is on the cards. Drive carefully as you may have to face a penalty today or pay some fine.

You will be ready to take out time to be with your lover, even if it costs you a million bucks. Be a listener today or else you may get hurt.

Your lucky stones are Olivine and Jade. The lucky color for you, today is green.

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