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Leos are born under the influence of the Sun and are born-leaders. All those who are heads of institutions or in Civil Services will excel in their work. Promotions that are long due may be yours today. Relationships at work with colleagues will be high strung today and it will do you good to stay away from any unnecessary arguments.

Given your loving and magnanimous nature, your friends and family will surround you and keep you happy by fulfilling all your demands. However, you must take care not to be overly possessive of your ideas and let others participate in decision-making. Children born under this zodiac will thrive under their parents' loving care and excel in outdoor sports. However, you should take care not to pressurize them and understand their needs instead of ruling them with an iron fist.

Romance and Leos are synonymous and Leos love to be in amorous relationships. So, passion and high drama will define your romantic relationships. If you want to propose to your loved one, then do it on a Sunday, which is your lucky day. If you are married, try not to be overly possessive of your spouse. While loyalty is a virtue, over-possessiveness is not and will be highly misinterpreted by your spouse.

Be careful with your health as that may trouble you today. Eat well and be happy is the mantra for all Leos today.

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