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While you are usually the most exuberant voice in the room, it is time to tone it down at work. Keeping a low profile and letting others roar louder than you will pay off in the end. A strong competitor will attract the spotlight when they least need it and you will reap the benefits. It might be hard at first to keep your temper in check, but letting them dig their own hole will be the best strategy. Your time to be showered with attention will come and it will be the kind of attention you can truly benefit from. In love, you see winning the hearts of others as a challenge, but don't be fooled by the intense focus of an Aries. They will lose interest fast, leaving you feeling like a fool. Remember there is a strong steady Taurus out there just waiting for you to show them the finer things in life. They will appreciate your generous nature. You will let your loud and wild lion ways show when out with them on your territory. Just keep in mind that there is a fine line between boisterous and obnoxious. Lucky numbers today are 21, 9, and 13.

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