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Leo (Jul 23- Aug 22)

Like a lion, you are aggressive in your passion to carry out tasks. You are also able to influence others around you with the power of your thinking. You are organized and disciplined.

This is the time to move on for you and leave behind old issues and failures. Make a fresh beginning and surely, success will kiss your feet. Your work will run on its own, once you initiate it. The healthy relation that you maintain with your colleagues, prove very helpful. If nothing comes your way, make a start. There is bound to be success.

Musicians and dancers will have a successful show. Students can expect to win praise in competitions, like debates etc.

You will lose valuables or they will get stolen. So, be cautious while travelling.

You will find love, where you least expected it. So, look away from your surroundings and surprise yourself. You will have a stimulating experience, which will make you feel romantic. Business related travel may also bring you close to your prospective lover.

You can enhance your luck by wearing Amber or Tiger Eye stone. Your lucky color is Brown.

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