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Today is the day to get serious about getting things done. Use caution though, in the work place or career search. Trying to force results to come quicker than possible will only cause frustration. Self control and patience will be necessary to get the job done right. Don't lose sight of the big picture after all is said and done. You will find a co-worker who unknowingly shares your wit and quick thinking. Treasure this discovery. It will come in handy in future collaborations. With a loved one, use your great communication skills to get your family the answers you and they have been waiting for. Someone will confide in you in a way you never expected. But, try not to overanalyze the information you do get. An acquaintance will introduce you to a Sagittarius who shares your intellect and charm. This will lead you to a new and adventurous journey. However, don't rely on them to get the ball rolling all on their own. You will have to actively participate to get things in motion. As for money, watch you don't end up spending money out of boredom.

Your lucky numbers today are 32, 15, and 6

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