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Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Gemini of the Day: John F. Kennedy
Lucky Numbers: 12, 26, 14, 35, 16, 22

Gemini, this is your time to take charge and lead everyone on. Like our Gemini of the day, this is when everyone is looking at you to take control. Bring your friends into the light and enjoy the sunshine of your glory and admiration from those around you. Some will want to give you wonderful gifts and offer trips to places of your dreams. Take your prizes but remember from past experiences that there is no such thing as a free meal. Even though you are the great leader, remember that there are lurking forces that might want to see the mighty fall. Keep your allies in the Libras and Aquarians around, but though your friends are close, keep your enemies closer. As you catch the flies with the honey, don't forget to spread it on the bread of your friends before you spoil it. Caution to our young Geminis. Though the grapevine is bending to your ear and will, make sure that it doesn't wrap around you and bring you into the dirt. Gossip is fun but can also be deadly. Make peace with both your friends and enemies, and the world will bend to the will of the Gemini.

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