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Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

You are ambitious, optimistic and practical at the same time. This makes you realistic. You are always caught between the two sides of your personality but your true self succeeds in taking over your decisions. Incidentally, it always turns out to be a better decision.

Opportunities come your way today. Grab them with both hands as you may not get such great offers in a long time to come. This stands true for students, politicians and public workers. So, whatever you do, give it your best shot. But do not have very high expectations from yourself as you may then feel disappointed. Doctors and lawyers should use some precaution and delay taking up any new projects for the next few days.

Your romantic life also needs attention as there are chances of distractions. This may pose problems in your stable relationship later. However, if you already share strong ties with your partner, there are no chances of disharmony. Those who are single may feel a spark of romantic interest in an old acquaintance. This should be taken as a positive sign and taken forward from here.

Wearing Agate stone in your middle finger will reap benefits. Your lucky color is grey.

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