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You are more than happy to help others today, but keep in mind, help isn't always rewarded. If you are only doing it for recognition or to get ahead yourself, your motives will be seen clearly by others. They already know you are a bit too status conscious and so will suspect your motives from the beginning. You need to keep telling yourself some things are more important than status and glory. If you step up and help just for the sake of helping someone, you might find an extremely loyal partner. Romantically, you have found mutual respect with someone special, but you are both getting restless. Give each other emotional space and the union will be just fine. It may seem hard to back away at first, but you will be more loyal to each other in the end. Fiscally, you have always been cautious and disciplined with your money; but some deals are just too good to pass up. Your love for new gadgets and need to keep up with what your friends have might just get the best of you today. If you give in, guilt will follow. Your lucky numbers are 45, 17, and 66.

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