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Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

Capricorn of the Day: Muhammed Ali
Lucky Numbers: 46, 13, 27, 22, 48, 41

Be careful today Capricorn, this is not the day to act like a champ. Even though your fighting spirits are up, rein them in. Aries and Libra may feel like they are being bossy, but they are following the sun. People around you are trying to help in general, so if the fight is going to brew, make sure it's for a good cause. Just remember not to run away from the problems though, because they will still be waiting for you. In your relationship hear both sides of the story, there is nothing but love on both sides so make sure that you look at it that way. You're Virgo and Taurus friends will help you on this path today so listen closely. For the single Capricorn, this is a testing time. Though things may look down, everything starts at the bottom, and a Pisces or a Scorpio is looking for your warm embrace. A walk in the park may lead to an unbelievable adventure. Stay away from the bars and clubs because of your fighting nature and head outdoors. Enjoy the beautiful world around you and the smile on your face will attract the attention of someone very special.

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