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With your good organizational skills, strong work ethics and a realistic approach, you will probably impress people at work. You are hard working and self-disciplined by birth. You are extremely efficient and dedicated to achieving success in your career, and may soon rise in your chosen field to attain a position.

Friends and family would enjoy your excellent sense of humor today. However, be on your guard as your sense of humor can become cruel and sarcastic if someone or something hurts you.

You may act in a slightly over-conventional way today, feeling afraid to leave your comfort zone and trying out new things. You would be slow to trust people today but try to conceal your true emotions.

You will have a good time with some of your trustworthy friends and may open up to share some of your bottled-up emotions.

See to it that people don't misunderstand your perfectionism. You often tend to ignore others as you can focus only on one thing at a time, but this nature of yours may make a few people your foes. So, be on your guard. As you may act in a bossy and domineering manner- rubbing people the wrong way, it would be prudent to stay conscious of your words and actions.

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