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The Goat
December 22-January 20

Capricorn, in your relationships, does not over think matters. Open yourself up and allow your love-interest to get to know your innermost thoughts and feelings. Trust your gut instincts, but do not be unnecessarily jealous, as that could prove to be the end of an otherwise well-suited and long-term relationship.

At work, take the time to mentor someone, be it a short bit of advice or an ongoing project. Your selflessness and personal interest will be noticed and rewarded.

It is time to spend a little of your savings. Find a cause in your local community and make a generous donation. Your donation would most favorably be utilized where there is a need for an individual or a very small organization.

A friend will seek your advice. Think carefully what you will say, as your friend will take it to heart. Shed your wisdom in a positive light, particularly if what you say is not pleasant.

Do not put off attention to yourself. Call to make your necessary medical and dental appointments today! Ask for the soonest available appointments. Your time will best be spent at the first appointment of the morning.

Your lucky numbers today are 1, 25, and 31. Your lucky color is dark green.

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