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Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

You have your own mind and that's what you follow. Your instincts or gut feeling always seem to guide you perfectly well. You pay attention to the minute details of all problems. This makes you an efficient problem-solver.

Do not make any hasty decisions. Selling of stocks or property should be postponed for some time. Time is your most precious asset at present, so use it fruitfully. You may have some unexpected expenditure. Take special care of your health. A close family member may also fall sick.

People in creative fields like arts, designing etc. can expect great response for their work. There will be a pleasant arrival in your personal or professional life. It could be a new venture, a project, a guest or a baby. You will have an aroused interest in the supernatural and you may visit a fortune teller.

You are emotionally worn out today, but this is not a permanent phase. Things will improve in your personal life. You must enjoy yourself and let your hair down to tackle the psychological low.

Your lucky gemstones are Moonstone, Opal and Pearl. Your lucky colour is Clear White.

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