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Do not get all worked up over that inexplicable conversation or fight today. Your intuitive thinking should kick in right when you need it most, and all things should be just fine soon enough. You are so in step with other people, you can try on a new perspective in an instant. Take your romance to the next level today and climb into that certain someone's shoes. You will then know and understand them better.

Has the trash been sitting by the door for over an hour? Passing on the buck will become the household's favorite game if you are not careful about it. It is time to step in and take an initiative.

Career: If someone demands an instant answer, try to push him back and give yourself time. You will need to consider all things involved so that you can deliver a true and accurate answer. Tell them you will get back to them sometime this week. You will then be praised for your insight.

Your color for today is red.

Your numbers for today are 14, 15, 22, and 36. May luck always be on your side.

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