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Family responsibilities could cause you some unwanted stress today. Retreating and keeping your feelings to yourself might be how you usually deal with the situation. That won't work this time. You will have to let your defenses down in order to resolve the real problem. Remember to cherish the security of family and not see them as a burden. New contacts in the career place will open up new opportunities. You will find a devoted partner in a business dealing if you just trust their instincts as well as your own. The rewards will be more than expected. In personal relationships, another water sign, such as a Scorpio, will bring out your imaginative and nurturing side. While you both might nurture the relationship in the short term, too many secrets could ruin any potential Scorpio connection. A practical Capricorn will be more devoted and family oriented just when you need it most. You are holding on to money like you do past feelings. Letting go and moving forward is what you must do in near future. Spending a little on something sentimental today will bring you joy. Today your lucky numbers are 33, 72, and 5.

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