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(March 21-April 19)

Wise Saturn will drive you to learn more about a favorite subject; so embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise. Around the 4th, you will receive a pleasant surprise, and at the same time, a friend will call you to be his/her sound board. Let them vent, but do not give any advice right then. Just be there to listen and raise their spirits. Comfort is the best solution you can give at this time. You put off a vibe this month that makes you extra charming. It is time to tackle and accomplish those tasks that you have been putting off for a very long time. You can be lazy later; so you might as well get out of the way now. After all the hard work you will be doing this month, you should go out and pamper yourself to the extreme. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise since it is well deserved.

Dating Tip

Make your significant other laugh, and he/she will be hooked by your charm and wit. Venus advises you to take it slow with any partnerships because you appear to be so ravishing that it is hard for everyone to stop looking at you.

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