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The Ram
March 21-April 19

Aries, today there is considerable potential for meeting someone new; someone who will lead you down the paths of a new undertaking. Welcome this new person into your inner circle. There is considerable potential for change. Perhaps, it will be a new romantic relationship. Perhaps, this new connection will lead to a new hobby or career that will garner you great success and satisfaction.

Your adventurous spirit is well suited to enjoying the great outdoors. Let your heart be your guide. However, you should tread cautiously and keep your wits about you. Do not allow the excitement of the new-found ventures to carry your mind and spirit away. Pay careful attention to your surroundings, particularly as it pertains to your health and well-being.

Today is not an auspicious day for managing or investing your money. Keep your focus on your personal life, your career, and leisure activities.

In all aspects of your life, move slowly and learn as you go. Acceptance of constructive criticism will lead to others' respect of you and potential for your advancement. Your patience and self-control will reap you great rewards, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Your lucky numbers today are 2, 18, and 75. Your lucky color is black.

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