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Aries (March 21-April 20)

Aries of the Day: Shannon Doherty
Lucky Numbers: 27, 3, 49, 58, 25, 42

Even though this is the time to get yourself in order be careful on how you do things. Getting control of the world around you may also involve controlling those you love. Rely on yourself today for fun and stay away from lovers that may be "head over heels" for you. This could lead to a problem that you may not want later down the line. Your attraction to Leo may get you in trouble since this is their time. The fire rages but they may not want to get in the game. Let them prowl for now and reel them in later. A Sagittarius may give you the best company for a little adventure tonight and the support you need for all the ideas brewing inside. Get ready to put your great thoughts and energy into the week because this is a hectic but exciting week for Aries. You will be very busy with plenty of energy to spare for those dragging behind you. Don't forget those who helped you along the way, need a return now. The benefits will come back to reward you.

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