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You're a little slow this morning, your timing is off and the gears are slow to turn. Don't let this get to you; enjoy the downtime. You will become refreshed and energy levels will be replenished. Turn to a friend in need to get through the day. It is just about right, just as it is. Your negatives from last week will turn to positives today. You could get into an argument with a friend today if you find out that he or she is keeping something hidden from you. Don't expect others to include you in their activities if you are often quick to act independently. Seeing old friends and having in-depth conversations with them can make the day fly by. Your hobbies take precedence over love tonight. Achievements may be slow in coming to you, so don't be expectant of instant results. However, they will come if you apply the time and persist. Take the night slow and let your feelings guide your dreams.

Your career is blossoming under your nose. Why follow when you can be first?

Your lucky color is yellow, so find a treat in that color. Your numbers for today are 3 11 18 36 45.

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