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It may be hard to just go with the flow right now, but it is in your best interest. You are emotionally strong and secure enough to let someone else take the lead for awhile. In love and friendship, you need to fight the urge to be competitive today so you don't hurt someone you care about. Even though it is difficult for an assertive Aries like your self, taking a back seat and letting someone else take the lead will pay off in the end. As for your career, karma might rear its ugly head. Something you started awhile ago but did not finish will return in an unpleasant fashion. You might have to swallow your pride and face the music. Look at it as a new challenge and try not to hold a grudge. You might want to keep a tightfisted approach to your finances for a little longer. Now is not the time to chase something you really don't want or need. You and a Gemini might seem like an impulsive dynamic match right now. Keep in mind, this pairing could very quickly crash and burn. It just may be too intense. Your lucky numbers today are 43, 22 and 8.

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