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Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

You are strong-headed, which makes you an achiever. You like to take up challenges and put down a job, only after it has received your best treatment. You enjoy the weight, any situation demands and extract excitement from the situation. However, you prefer if things are left to you to be tackled in your manner, rather than having a guide force to sail you through your difficulties.

You may be surprised today, as whatever you do will bear positive results. You can expect great profits and earnings from new business ventures, investments and stocks etc. Job interviews and examinations will also produce great results. So students and prospective employees should take the leap today. Victory will be yours, but focus is the key.

Love and romance will not be at its best today as you may have a quarrel with your loved one. Avoid trivial arguments, as they may turn into big issues. You may still be able to show a lot of compassion and warmth towards your partner, which will either thaw your differences or not let them arise at all.

Wear Ruby for better luck. Your lucky colour is red.

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