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Today is a day for you to be adventurous as well as ambitious. It is the time when you will try something new and different, which has not been done by others. However, be careful as enemies will try to hold you back from succeeding.

Today, you will be full of energy and high spirits. You are likely to mingle with friends. However, try to be tolerant and unprejudiced of others' point of view.

In work related matters, ensure that emotions do not come into play while dealing with higher authority or handling business matters. Those working in fields related to Science, Computing, Astrology, Social Work and Ecology would have something special at work today.

On the personal front, you are likely to undergo a change in lifestyle, which will bring joy as well as excitement in your relationship. However, there may be instances when emotional life will be upsetting and may not be a pleasant experience. So, think before you get to do something.

Your lucky numbers are 4, 13, 17, 22 and 26 and lucky stone is Opal and Aquamarine. Your lucky gemstone is turquoise.

On the health front, your eyesight may trouble you today. Some of you may even suffer from ankle and leg problems. So, don't miss an appointment with your optician or physician.

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