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Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Socialising, friendships and relations are like oxygen to your lungs. You like to mix with new people and make life-long relations. You are always ready to help, taking your love for people a step forward. You are able to make a lasting impression on everyone who comes your way.

Today you will concentrate on finishing your unattended jobs. It will be an eventful day in terms of how much you will be satisfied at the end of it. Filmmakers and theatre directors will be glad that their incomplete projects will finally see the light of the day.

Employees will hear news that will be good for their career. There are chances that you will take a leisure or religious trip to a nearby destination to rejuvenate.

Amidst some tension, you will be able to resolve some underlying issues with your partner. Overall the interaction will be satisfying and peaceful. You will feel light-hearted and get a chance to bond with your partner. Singles should pay caution as a romantic involvement with a married acquaintance is likely.

You can wear Cat's Eye stone or Fire Opal for better luck. Your lucky colour is dark blue.

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