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Aquarius (January 21- February 19)

Aquarius of the Day: Bob Marley
Lucky Numbers: 34, 29, 19, 16, 5, 46

This is a strange day for you Aquarius. You can begin the day in self reflection but go out and cut a rug tonight. Too much time thinking about the world and your place can bring about the wrong feelings for the week. Though you may realize that you are a small part in the world, remember that from the smallest things come the greatest impacts. Listen to those around you and spend time with your closest friends. The Geminis and the Libras are your closest companions and may lead you down a road that is lined with gold. During your reflections you will see that your life is in a good place, and you will see those that are not. The sun will shine on you more brightly if you give the downtrodden a helping hand. This will be a guide to the blind around you to help in their own ways. You have an opportunity to be a great leader and take those around you down a wonderful path. Beware of the Scorpio and the Taurus for they are both looking for a fight. The sun is ripe for Leo who may end up being a wonderful surprise lover.

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