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Today is the day for a fun activity with a friend. Getting out there will be more than just some run of the mill bonding time. Your ability to relate to all sorts of people on an intellectual level will lead to some social doors opening for both of you. Your quirky, eccentric style will come through and lead to a brand new social adventure. Your friend will be more than happy to come along for the ride. It won't be all fun and games though. An urgent money matter needs your attention. Look for an unconventional solution and it might just work. If left unchecked, it will only become too much for you to handle. Upcoming travel plans might have to be postponed if you don't try a new approach to solving your financial woes. Your Aquarius nature has led you to love from afar lately, but now is the time to be outspoken and let your feelings show. You and a Leo have layers to work through to get to the bottom of your true feelings. They just might be the intellectual equal you have been hoping they would be. Your lucky numbers are 22, 46, and 12.

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