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The Water Carrier
January 21-February 19

Aquarius, today is a promising day to make new personal connections. You should be open to meeting new people. An artistic or spiritual activity undertaken with a new person or group of people will lead to long-lasting and rewarding relationships. Be careful, however, not to set your expectations too high, for in doing so, you will most certainly be disappointed and alone.

Today is a favorable day for change. It is a good day to embark on a new hobby or career, including making any necessary investments to attain your long-term goals. Rearrange the furniture of the room in which you spend most of your time. Pay particular attention to ridding your home of clutter and dust.

It would not be wise to make financial trades or investments today. However, seeking the advice of a recommended professional is advised.

Exercising patience is of utmost importance. Do not, under any circumstances, make any life-altering decisions today. Research and think everything through extremely carefully. Then, it will be time to go with your instincts.

Consumption of alcohol today will lead to regrettable actions and illness.

Your lucky numbers today are 3, 4, and 30. Your lucky color is silver.

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