Feng Shui Tips To Lead A Happy Life

Feng Shui is a mystical Chinese art that seeks to create harmony and peace in the environment. According to Feng Shui, each animate and inanimate object has energy, which interacts with each other to create a positive or negative effect. By using simple Feng Shui tips, it is possible to make your environment exude a positive energy. This helps you to lead a peaceful and prosperous life. Some of the tips to help you create harmony in your surroundings are as follows:

  • Make the entrance to your home warm and appealing. You can do this by keeping your pathway clean and tidy. Also ensure that your pathway is not forming a sharp angle with your house as this creates negative energy. You can remedy this by planting shrubs and bushes along the path.
  • Ensure that your address can be clearly seen both during the day and night. Have two lights to illuminate your pathway during the night, as this will "light your way to wealth and prosperity".
  • Place flat Ba-gua mirrors on the entrance doors to prevent the entry of any negative energy and to balance the energy within the house. Never place the mirror within the house.
  • Hang three Chinese coins tied together at the back of the main door handle. This is said to bring in "auspicious money".
  • Do not let any slippers or shoes lie outside the main entrance. If there is a water source within the house like an aquarium, the energy from the shoes and slippers will stagnate in the house. This can cause illness.
  • When you enter the house, it should have a warm and welcoming feel to it. Place the chairs and couches in such a way that the persons sitting on it have a clear view of the doors. The seating arrangement in the living room should not have a TV as the focal piece of furniture.
  • In the bedrooms, never place the bed directly in line with a door. All furnishings should be in pairs to symbolize love, romance and unity. Avoid placing a computer, television or exercise gear in the bedroom.
  • The kitchens should always be stocked with food. This creates a feeling of abundance. Position the stove in such a way that it does not face the washbasin, washing machine or refrigerator. If they face each other, quarrels within the family are likely.
  • Store brooms and mops in places that are not visible to all. Keep them upside down. This step will prevent intrusion from outsiders and avert the income of the family from being swept away.
  • Move your furniture around once in a while. This creates a change in the flow of energy. Try and minimize the amount of furniture. Too much furniture restricts the flow of energy or Chi.
  • Keep your house as clean and free of clutter as possible. Clean out your closets and shelves once in a while. Give away or arrange for a garage sale to get rid of unwanted stuff.

The above Feng Shui tips are simple to follow. By using them, you can be happier and stress free life and create an atmosphere of peace and prosperity in your house.