Use Feng Shui Products To Improve Your Life

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese body of knowledge. As per Feng Shui, all objects have an innate energy. The purpose of Feng Shui is to harness the positive energy in the environment to bring harmony, joy and prosperity for its user. To achieve this end, certain symbols are positioned in specific directions.

Feng Shui products have long been used to redirect Sha (negative energy) and Chi (positive energy) in order to achieve a person's desires. The desires could be fortune, peace, love, progress in career or happiness amongst others. For each of these desires, there are specific symbols. Some of the more popular Feng Shui products are discussed below:

Bagua Octagon:
This is one of the most popular Feng Shui products. It helps you to understand the layout of your room or house. As per Feng Shui principles, a given space can be divided into nine areas or gua. Each area represents a particular aspect of your life, for example, love and marriage, heath, children, career, fame and so on. Through this tool, you can identify which area of your room is related with which aspect of your life.

Wind Chimes:
Wind Chimes of different materials can be bought, for example, bamboo or metal wind chimes. Wind chimes redirect the flow of Sha. A six-rod metal wind chime is often used to prevent the occurrence of illness. A bamboo wind chime is used to bring a feeling of relaxation. If kept near the bed, it induces sound sleep.

Feng Shui crystals are very popular. Crystals are used to deflect negative energy. Different crystals are used for different purposes. Amethyst crystals are used to promote physical healing. Rose Quartz crystals are also known as the "Love Stone". They are very effective in improving one's relationships and help in emotional matters. Citrine crystals are used to attract money. Black Obsidian and Black Tourmaline help to take away negative energy and thoughts of a person.

Mirrors are often used to ward off Sha. A flat Bagua mirror placed at the entrance to the house prevents negative energy from entering the house. Mirrors are also used to redirect Chi or prevent it from moving to another place.

Candles come in different shapes and sizes. The soft light emitted from these candles are said to ease your emotions and to help you relax. As per an ancient Chinese saying, these candles help in motherhood and relationships. A red candle lit everyday in your office helps in the recognition of your achievements.

Love symbols:
A number of Feng Shui products that help to improve your love life are available. These love symbols include the Mandarin ducks, the double happiness symbol, the mystic knots, peonies, the symbol of the dragon and the phoenix.

There are different types of Feng Shui coins available. These coins are usually tied with a red sting and are said to attract wealth and prosperity.

The other Feng Shui items which are frequently bought include bells, artwork, incense, jewellery and fountains amongst others. Feng Shui products are not always bought because of their healing properties or because they attract wealth. Often, people buy them as collectibles due to their designs, ornamentation and the history attached to it.