Tips To Create The Perfect Feng Shui Office

Who does not dream of working in an office where the environment is vibrant and focused? Wouldn't you like to be successful, popular and trusted at your workplace? It is possible to achieve all this by incorporating Feng Shui ideas in your office. Here are some tips to create a Feng Shui office environment:

  • Sit at the farthest corner diagonally across from the door. This puts you in a "commanding position".
  • Place your desk in a way that it faces the door. This helps you to perceive all the opportunities and utilize them. If you cannot move the desk, place a mirror such that you can get a clear view of the door. If you run a home business, facing the door would lead to increased business. Sitting with your back to the door signifies turning your back to business.
  • Do not face a wall. This signifies a stagnant job. Change your position. If that is not possible, hang a picture of a meandering river or road on the wall. This will help you to progress in your career.
  • Sit with your back to a corner or a wall. This will help you to get support and backing at the workplace. If you have a window behind you, you can use blinds or curtains as a remedial measure.
  • Arrange your desk in such a way that you do not face a corridor or the stairs and do not see storage rooms, toilets, closets, elevators or escalators.
  • Do not sit with open shelves facing you. They have the effect of causing body aches, poor concentration and betrayal by colleagues.
  • Place symbols of your career goals above your eye-level. For example, if you want a raise or a promotion, place a tall plant on top of a cabinet. Write sales targets you want to achieve on a green paper with a red marker and place it above your eye level.
  • Do not let incomplete work remain on your desk. At the end of the day, organize your work and clear your desk. Leave only the objects you use daily on the table.
  • To gain the trust of your colleagues, superiors and clients, place organic material in your office. For example, you can use wooden paper trays, crystal paperweights and ceramic mugs.
  • To achieve your dreams, incorporate the water element into your office. You can do this by placing a machine that creates the sound of running water or by hanging a picture of a river or stream.
  • People will recognize your achievements if you display certificates and awards in the left corner of your office. Another option is to place a lamp that radiates light upwards.
  • The office files should be treated with respect as they represent the past, present and future business of the company.
  • If your office is placed directly opposite another door then paint a red dot on both the doorknobs. This prevents conflicts.

In the perfect Feng Shui office, the office exterior is also given due importance. The ideal location of the office would be in a corner of a prosperous locality. The entrance should be diagonal to the corner and should have a welcoming look to it.