Reasons To Incorporate Feng Shui Design Into Your Homes

Feng Shui is a mystical Chinese art that attempts to harness the positive energy of the objects in one's surroundings, by positioning them in such a manner as to fulfill one's wishes. According to Feng Shui, energy is prevalent everywhere and emanates from all objects. This energy can be either positive or negative. Each house or room has its own positive and negative areas. It is possible to overcome the weak spots by changing the Feng Shui design of the house.

As per Feng Shui, each house or room can be divided into nine sectors. These sectors are related to certain aspects of your life. You can use a Bagua map to identify the nine sectors. These sectors are unique for each person and house. The nine sectors are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Wisdom
  4. Love and marriage
  5. Children and creativity
  6. Family and friends
  7. Career
  8. Fame and reputation
  9. Travel

Feng Shui helps to increase the energy in the weak areas of the house and decrease the energy where it is too strong. The Chi that is prevalent in a particular sector of your house influences that aspect of your life.

Thus, by using Feng Shui design, you can improve the various aspects of your life. You can do this by placing certain symbols in the appropriate sector. For example, if you are experiencing any difficulties in your love life, you can place a pair of mandarin ducks in the southwest corner of your house. Similarly, if you are facing financial difficulties, placing Feng Shui coins in the northwest corner of your house will alleviate your problems.

Many houses are not built in accordance to the Feng Shui principles. You can remedy that by placing furniture and Feng Shui products at specific positions. However, it is not advisable to change the design of the entire house at one go. That would create a lot of chaos. Identify the problems in your life and prioritize so as to which aspect needs to be looked into first. For example, you may feel that the quality of your life is suffering due to your bad health. In which case, change the Feng Shui design of that area which is related to your health. Once that issue is addressed, you can move onto the next problem area.

The best time to incorporate Feng Shui design is before building your house. You should consult a Feng Shui specialist and ask him to identify the nine sectors of the house. You could then ask the architect to plan the house around that design.

Thereafter, when you are doing up the house, you can buy your furnishings based on the Feng Shui principles. For example, you should avoid buying only wooden furniture for your house. This is because too much of wood in the house will cause the energy within the house to become too aggressive. One should buy a mix of all elements so as to bring about a balance in the Chi.

The best Feng Shui design is one that takes into account the comfort of the inhabitants as well as the desires that they wish to accomplish. Using these designs is the simplest way to bring harmony, peace, joy and prosperity to your life.