Bring Prosperity To Your Life With Feng Shui Coins

Many people use Feng Shui principles to help them remedy the problems that they face in their lives. As per Feng Shui, if you place certain objects or symbols in specific places, your desires can be fulfilled. For example, if you place a bamboo wind chime near your bed, it can help you to get over the difficulty that you face in sleeping.

Placing a Rose quartz in your house can make you lucky in love. Placing a tall plant, above your eye level, on a file cabinet or shelf in your office, can help you get a promotion. Similarly, hanging Feng Shui coins tied with a red string or ribbon can help you to attract money and prosperity.

Feng Shui coins were originally used as currency in the 11th century. Thereafter, they started to be used as good luck charms to attract wealth and prosperity. They are used in groups of three and tied with a red ribbon. This represents the union of man, earth and heaven. The coins are circular in shape and have square centers. The square centre denotes the energy of the earth and the circular shape symbolizes the energy of the heaven.

The red ribbon is tied in different ways to represent different types of luck. The color red is considered to be bright and lucky. It is also associated with prosperity, wealth and the fire element. Red color is believed to effectively ward off negative energy and bring joy.

Different Feng Shui coins symbolize different types of luck. The most common notion is that the coins attract money. When the coins are tied in multiples of three or more with a red thread, it is believed to bring good fortune.

These coins have four Chinese symbols embossed on them on one side. These symbols are "Bao Chuen Yong Fu," which means "Forever Prosperous". On the other side, they have the eight characters "Fu Zhai Yien Chien, Re Re Sheng Chai" imprinted. This means "Good Fortune Ahead, Wealth Multiplies Daily". When these coins are placed in the northwest area of the house or room, they are said to preserve and increase your wealth. These coins, when hung in business establishments near the cash register, are believed to improve the business.

There are other coins that serve as amulets. They incorporate two symbols of protection, namely, the eight trigrams of the Bagua and the twelve animal signs. The coins are tied to the doorknobs within the house to protect the family from evil influences. The coins should be placed correctly for them to be effective. The side with the eight trigrams should be placed flat against the door. The side with the twelve animal signs should be faced towards the inside of the house.

When six gold coins are tied together with the mystic knot, it is said to bring unending good fortune. If the coins are arranged to form a knife, then it brings luck in business and prevents backstabbing involved in business deals. If the coins are arranged to form a talisman, then it helps to prevent illness.

To summarize, Feng Shui coins are extremely popular good luck charms. Though they are primarily used to bring prosperity to the owners, they also help to ward off diseases and negative influences.