Significance Of The Sheep In The Chinese Zodiac

The sheep is supposedly the most docile of all signs in the Chinese zodiac. They prefer to live life in their own passive way. The sheep individuals are born in the years 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003.

They are also one of the luckiest signs of the zodiac. It is, as if, the sheep has been blessed since birth. This is true in cases of financial and emotional security, as the sheep never really has to try too hard to obtain either of those. They are either born to very wealthy individuals, or, they inherit vast fortunes from their dying relatives, or they win in jackpots. Whatever be the case, sheep people never run out of money. Even in the most difficult and desperate times, a sheep gets the money that he requires from some source or the other. The sheep is also known to be very artistic and creative. He/she appreciates things of beauty, and is a connoisseur of art. You will often notice the sheep picking up beautiful paintings, elegant furniture, and classy clothes.

They like to live the rich and famous life, and this means settling down with an extremely rich partner or inheriting their parents' wealth. They are a little lazy when it comes to work, and do not like to labor too much. They like to quietly sit back and let someone else take the pains to work for them. They need to be taken care of, which is why they find a partner earlier on in life. They can get very clingy and dependant on their partners, often choking them with their constant demands.

They are good lovers, in the sense that they are sweet, caring and loving. They, however, like to be pampered at all times, and would not even wake up to fetch the paper in the morning. They like to dress well, and look their best at all times of the day. They form close friend circles, but can be a little superficial at times. They can never be seen being too aggressive or violent. They are always very docile and shy, but within this shyness lies a whole person waiting to be explored. They do not reveal too much of their feelings to anyone, unless coaxed to. They are sweet individuals who need a little discipline in life. They are compatible with people belonging to the rabbit, boar or horse signs.