The Rooster In The Chinese Zodiac

The rooster occupies the 10th position of the Chinese zodiac, and is the most observant of all signs. People belonging to the rooster sign are born in the years of 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005.

They are extremely observant of people around them, and it often becomes difficult to escape the gaze of a rooster. They like to look at how people are turned up versus themselves, and make sure that they never say or do anything that is inappropriate. They are very worldly wise when it comes to matters of finance, and they are known to carefully chalk out their career plan from the start.

They are very good planners and observers, which is why they do well in professions that involve planning and strategizing. They even do well at professions such as that of detectives and psychiatrists, because of their sense of observation and ability to foresee an impending problem.

Roosters like to be appreciated and adored by their friends and family, and will make no bones about it. They like to be the center of attention at parties and attract attention with their smart talk and sense of humor. They are great conversationalists, and people feel proud to be associated in their group. They like to spend money for useful buys, yet they will not buy everything that catches the eye. However, they will not hesitate to spend $1000 on a dress they think is absolutely gorgeous.

They almost always have their files neatly stacked and up to date. They will never be seen hanging around the house doing nothing, for they are always interested in having something to do. They make good lovers and are very devoted to their objects of affection. However, they might be incapable of sustaining a relationship because of their outstretched ideals of love and an ideal partner. This causes friction sometimes in a relationship that the rooster has, and might also lead to a breakup if a compromise is not met. The rooster bonds well with an ox or snake.