Chinese Zodiac: Rats Look For Opportunities

According to oriental belief, the destiny of a person is determined by the position of planets at the time of his birth. In Chinese astronomy, based on particularly the position of Jupiter in its orbit, the celestial cycle is broken up into 12 segments, which correspond to 12 years represented by various animals. Beginning with the rat, each year corresponds to a particular animal. This continues for a cycle of 12 years, after which the cycle begins again.

People born under different signs (according to their year of birth) have typical characteristics, behave in typical ways, and have predictable destinies.

The Rat is the first sign in the zodiac and symbolizes wealth and luck. People born under this sign are witty and charismatic, possess good taste and flaunt their style at every opportunity. They are protective and generous towards their friends.

However, in what is often perceived as a negative trait, rats typically promote their own interests and are interested in monetary gains and hoarding. Although sometimes they are accused of being short tempered and sharp tongued, the eloquence of rats get them out of most sticky situations. In extremely negative cases, rat zodiac sign people can be manipulative and vindictive, self centered, ruthless and scheming.

In a positive sense, rats make industrious and methodical workers, people who constantly seek knowledge which will be put to good use in future. They welcome challenges, in fact, look forward to challenges as a means of keeping themselves entertained and engaged.

Water element strongly governs the rat. Signs which go with water such as earth generally bond well with this zodiac.

To temper the adverse effects of their signs, rats should pay proper respect to the needs and feelings of others. By channelizing their motivations in the proper direction, rats can fulfill their personal and professional potential.