The Rabbit In The Chinese Zodiac

The Rabbit is one of the most gifted signs of the Chinese zodiac. This sign belongs to individuals born in the years of 1927, 1939, 1951, 1961, 1975, 1987 and 1999.

They are known to be artistic and quiet people with a penchant for living life the good way. They are quite aesthetic in their tastes and like doing up the space that they live in. They like calmness around them, and are never seen indulging in a battle of any sorts. They are very tactful, cool and calculated individuals who judge the pros and cons of anything they indulge in. They like to be in a state of perfect harmony, and do not like to disturb the tranquility of any individual or situation. The rabbit believes in the 'live and let live' principle, and never gets in the way of anything. They quickly bail out, when they are faced with any adversity, and will rarely fight aggressively for themselves or anyone.

They are quite cunning, when it comes to having their own way somehow. They know how to handle people who matter to them, and are often seen making close bonds with people that they might need later on. They are good sympathizers and listeners, and will give you emotional support when you need it. However, do not expect them to go out and fight for you, as they won't.

They will make an excuse and hasten towards a quick exit. They have an eye for beauty, and this is reflected in their sense of dressing, home decor and overall conduct as well. They are great collectors of art and expensive things and their closet would be full of beautiful clothing.

They seek partners who are beautiful and sweet natured. They expect a lot of commitment, and are loyal lovers too. However, they do not make good family people, and can sometimes behave in a quite aloof and strange manner. They bond well with individuals who fall under the dog, boar, ram and rabbit signs.