The Ox In The Chinese Zodiac

The Ox is the second sign in of the Chinese Zodiac. The Ox years are 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985 and 1997. People born in any of these years are said to be belong to the Ox sign of the Chinese Zodiac.

Ox individuals are known to be extremely hardworking, determined and strong. They believe in the fact that work is worship, and keep striving towards achieving their goals. They believe in working hard, and do not like excuses for not completing a task. They make excellent soldiers and do equally well in professions that require physical work, and constant supervision from their side. Once they are determined to finish a task, no one can stop them from completing it and delivering results. They see incomplete work or excuses as a sign of weakness or failure in people and do not appreciate it.

They do not understand sweet talk, or manipulations. Therefore, they barely do well in professions that require a great deal of public relations, such as politics or foreign affairs or media. They tend to form lifelong friendships with people they have only recently met, and begin to trust them with closed eyes. This can prove disastrous for the individuals under this sign.

They are very choosy when it comes to forming romantic ties with a person, and do not believe in short term flings of dalliances. They would much rather be with someone who is committed to them, and respects their values. The Ox person can be a tad too egotistical at times, and his partner may have trouble in dealing with his stubbornness and principles. The Ox, however, is very honest and sincere, and this trait wins him quite a few hearts. He remembers the favors done to him, and always makes sure that he returns them. He is most compatible with people born under the roosters, rats and snakes signs. The Tiger is least compatible with The Ox.