Chinese Zodiac: The Self Indulgent Monkey

According to Buddhist mythology, at the time of his departure from the earth, Lord Buddha had asked all the animals to appear before him. However, only twelve animals came to him to bid farewell. To show his appreciation, Lord Buddha named a year after each animal according to their order of arrival.

Chinese astrology is based on the year of birth of a person. According to the animal sign under which a person is born, his personal traits and destiny can be predicted.

The monkey is the ninth sign in the Chinese zodiac. Witty, inquisitive and innovative, the people born under this sign are self assured and have a knack for solving problems. They actively seek challenges and fun, have a restless demeanor and seek constant stimulation.

These self involved individuals often move from one circle of friends and one group of people to another, and more often than not, are popular minor celebrities even within these circles. Party animals to the core, they have a lust for trying 'everything out' at least once.

Lack of self control of monkeys often implies that they overdo in terms of food and drinks, and even relationships. The negative effect of 'overdoing' causes only a minor setback in the monkey's ways for he will be up and about again, in his constant spree of self indulgence.

Coming under the first trine, the monkey is ruled by the metal element. In extreme negative cases, monkeys can be destructive, manipulative and hedonistic. They can also be ruthless and power crazy prejudiced tyrants.

An important lesson for monkeys is to give others some importance, sometimes being selfless and giving. The monkey, once it accepts that the world doesn't revolve around it, will not only be happier itself, but also make people around it happy.