Chinese Zodiac: The Whimsical Horse

According to Chinese legend, the Jade emperor once asked all animals (twelve being considered a good sample) to report to him. The animals, delayed due to several reasons, arrived in a particular sequence. Based on their order of arrival, a year was assigned to each animal. The astronomical calendar begins with the year of the rat as it was the first animal to arrive.

Based on the year of birth and therefore the respective animal under which a person is born, the characteristics and the destiny of the person are calculated. This may further be modified by the lunar month and the day.

People born under the sign of the horse, which is a Yang third trine sign under the element of fire, are popular and cheerful, extremely talkative and perceptive at the same time. Pursuit of humanitarian causes, idealism, and defiance against injustice are typical characteristics of horses.

Like a true bred horse, zodiac horses are dynamic and resent being told what to do. However, they will listen wholeheartedly when being told by a person they either love or trust. Intelligent, broad minded and flexible, horses get along well with most people.

Negative traits of horses could be fickleness, rudeness and unnecessary anxiety. They are gullible and stubborn and miscreants may take advantage of this characteristic.

Horses are natural seducers due to their natural talent in romancing. They crave love and intimacy and are very passionate in the beginning of a relationship. However, occasionally they may feel constrained by that very relationship and paradoxically yearn for freedom.

The horse's whimsical nature sometimes leads to a trail of unfinished projects, broken relationships, lost jobs. However, motivating others and accomplishing tasks is also a key feature of this sign. Horses should try to curb their wayward nature to derive maximum happiness from what they have in their grasp.