Chinese Zodiac: Dragons Lead, Others Follow

Chinese legend has it that the Jade emperor once asked all the animals (twelve being considered a good sample) to report to him. Based on the order of arrival (the animals were delayed due to various reasons), a year was assigned to each animal. Since the rat arrived first, the astronomical calendar begins with the year of the rat.

Based on the year of birth and the respective animal under which a person is born; the characteristics, reactions and the destiny of the person is calculated. This may further be influenced by hidden animals according to the lunar month and even the day.

The dragon is the 5th animal in the zodiac cycle. He was delayed because he had to stop and help people by making rain and help his fellow contestant, the rabbit. This is typical of the dragon zodiac sign as well. Warm heartedness, motivation and the ability to shoulder difficult projects, assuming the position of the leader naturally, is typical of people born in the year of the dragon.

Charismatic and natural charmers, dragons can easily influence people and are often found at the centre of social gatherings. It is at its best when dispensing advice, and dragons usually gather considerable material wealth in their lifetime. However, material possessions do not really satisfy the dragon, it is really looking for power, position and recognition.

Negative traits of the dragon may include prejudice, arrogance, violence, tyranny and occasional brashness. Strongly influenced by the wood element, this zodiac of the first trine yields an intense and powerful individual, capable of extreme benevolence or evil. Dragons are often megalomaniacs and narcissistic.

Dragons should adopt flexible principles and cultivate compassionate and tolerant attitudes. Appreciation of the little joys of life, coupled with their natural tendency to succeed, will lead to a more fulfilling life for the dragon.