Chinese Zodiac : The Trustworthy Dog

According to Buddhist mythology, at the time of his departure from the earth, Lord Buddha had asked all the animals to appear before him. However, only twelve animals came to him to bid him farewell. To show his appreciation, Lord Buddha named a year for each animal according to their order of arrival.

Chinese astrology is based on the year of birth of a person. According to the animal sign under which a person is born, his personal traits and destiny can be predicted.

The dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac calendar. People born under this sign are honest and straightforward individuals, with an innate sense of loyalty, justice and fair play.

People born under the year of the dog are usually attractive and amiable and get along well with all signs of the zodiac. Ideals and morals form the basis of their personalities, and dogs are practical and unpretentious.

In extreme negative traits, dogs can be quarrelsome, na´ve, too trusting and materialistic. Belonging to the third trine, this sign is governed by the fixed element, metal. Dogs can be rather dogmatic, and can never stay cool when an important issue is at stake.

Dogs are also good listeners, with a keen sense of right and wrong. This makes them trusted friends and confidantes. Dogs have frequent mood swings and often feel the need to run away from everything and stay alone to recuperate.

People born under this sign are always on the go, constantly touching up or cleaning to keep on improving.

Dogs need to open up to others and cultivate trust in people. They need to restrain their illogical worries and accept that everyone may not live up to their high moral standards. The dog's condescending attitude often ends up alienating it from its loved ones.