Characteristics Of People With Chinese Element Wood

Chinese element Wood is known as Mu in Chinese. This element symbolizes the creative strength of nature and all things that are green and budding. Wood symbolizes creativity, birth and innovation and it is a quite affable element. Wood is associated with the spring and new life.

People born under the influence of Chinese element Wood look for chances for growth and for restoration in all they do. These people are imaginative, tough and flexible. They perform their work meticulously and remain committed to their work and are expert in their profession. Wood people are self confident and they are characterized by kindness and high ethical standards. They always like to keep them busy and they are very hard working and highly efficient in their work. They like to pamper themselves with lavish expenditure. They are very open minded and they make very generous and considerate friend. They are good to work with. These people have the ability to understand what they are capable of and what qualities the people around them possess. They are quite confident and this makes them proceed with their beliefs. When this people work in a group their strength helps the group completes the tasks efficiently. They can become excellent leaders. Their honesty and fair play help them make sound decisions for the group. However Wood people being too systematic and meticulous in their thinking and execution, sometimes allow others to overshadow them.

Wood people are highly self confident and they are always willing to go for everything which can cause them to take on too much, thus distributing them in all corners and flaming them out early.

The Wood is represented by color green. All trees, plants, flowers and things made out of wood as well as anything rectangular symbolize this element. Wood people should avoid places where strong wind blows.