Characteristics Of People With Chinese Element Metal

Chinese element Metal is known as Jin in Chinese. Metal represents success in business and harvesting. It also represents autumn and the knife or cutting metal used in the reaping of harvest. Metal is the coldest of all the five elements and Metal people are likely to be more self reliant, strong and determined and they seldom ask others to solve their problems. In fact sometimes they get offended by unsolicited advice or interference of others.

People born under the influence of Chinese element Metal are likely to lead a systematic and ethical life. They put quality as the top priority in their life. They like to enjoy all the offerings of good life - luxury, freedom and comfort. These people are often driven by a need to be successful. They want the praise of others but love to remain secluded in their own area. They are determined in whatever they do and have the ability to achieve their own success. They have a commanding and confident presence over others.

Metal people tend to be intense, ambitious, and rigid. The Metal element is sometimes referred to as gold in Chinese philosophy, and thus this element symbolizes wealth and business. These people have very high expectations from the different aspects of like, and once they decide upon their goals, it is almost impossible to dissuade them. However their taste for finer things can also prove to be fatal for themselves as they become quite stubborn and prejudiced about their own beliefs. They in turn become strict taskmasters and always ask for the best from themselves as well as from the people they love. In such case relationships can become difficult and often end when others do not like to fulfill their wishes.

Metal is represented by white and gold colors. Knives, jewelry, metal tools and all round shapes symbolizes Metal element. Metal people should avoid dry places.