Characteristics Of People With Chinese Element Earth

The Chinese element Earth is called Tu in Chinese. Earth brings out the practical side of each sign. The earth element represents strength and grounding; it indicates stability, patience and honesty. The people who are born under the influence of the Chinese element Earth are sensible, calm and practical.

They are too ethical, firmly rooted in the morals and very responsible. The people representing the element of the Earth tend to be loyal to their masters. They are quite idealistic in their approaches but they are very determined in whatever they do. These people are believed to have dual character. They wish to seek affectionate treatment in return for their love. They always wish for more importance from others.

The Earth people are very firm and quite stubborn - but they are more 'down to earth'. They are very hard working; tend to be more responsible and extremely reliable. They are excellent with coordination, administration and effective implementation. They are governed by logic and not emotion. They are able to work out logical solutions to almost all kinds of problems. They get high respect and admiration for their disciplined approach and graceful behavior.

They like to plan their life much in advance and control their fate down to the last detail. Their too logical approach and stubbornness in controlling the situation make them fear for the unknown. As a result, they always question their own instincts and tend to distort their most treasured visions. Due to their hard core practical approaches, they can lead to lack of creativity and imagination.

The element of Earth is a methodic element and it can also become very demanding. This element is perfect for issues related to property and legacies. The color for Earth is Yellow. Tiles, bricks, natural stones and flat or rectangular shapes represent the Earth element. These people should try and stay way from moisture and muddy lands.