The Basics Of Chinese Astrology

If you want to know more about a person, Chinese astrology is ideal. Instead of using gods and goddesses as symbols, it uses animals. Every year, the Chinese New Year starts from a different date. This astrology is far more intricate than Western astrology and renders a clear picture about a person and his/her life.

The Chinese New Year starts after the Winter Solstice, either on the 2nd or 3rd new moon. For each year, there is an animal that influences the days of that year. You need to know the New Year date for the year you were born to check out your animal year sign.

Components Of Chinese Astrology

  • There are 5 universal astrology elements ordered by Chinese Heavenly God - water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.
  • There are 12 horoscope signs ordered by Chinese Earthly God - pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox, and rat.
  • There is a cosmic power - Yin and Yang. It denotes eternal harmony.

Five Elements

All the five elements are linked, forming a cycle. For example, water produces wood (plants require water to grow). Wood produces fire (fire requires water to kindle its flames). Fire produces earth (ashes). Earth produces metal (metal is dug from earth). Again, metal produces water (water is concentrated on metal). This is the "Creative Cycle", as every element creates another.

The Chinese astrology also has the "Destructive Cycle" in which every element restricts or regulates the other. This cycle goes like: water, fire, metal, wood, earth, and again water. It is used to check imbalances that occur when there is an excess of a particular element. The restricting element is used to counteract the effect of the excess element.

The Chinese use these elements in medicine, Feng Shui, and astrology. An ancient legends says that the five elements were descended to earth by the spirits of different planets:

  1. Mercury for water
  2. Jupiter for wood
  3. Mars for fire
  4. Saturn for earth
  5. Venus for metal

Here we can catch a little similarity between Chinese and Western astrology, as the latter also makes use of these planets.

Animal Horoscope Signs

There is an animal for every year in the 12-year cycle. Each animal sign harbors its own characteristics that are displayed in the personality of the person with the sign. The current year (2009) is the year of the Ox.

Yin And Yang Energy

For the Chinese, Yin and Yang are the two universal energies or cosmic powers. A matter is either Yin or Yang. Yin symbolizes dark energy, passiveness, coldness, and feminity. Yang symbolizes bright energy, activeness, heat, masculinity, and aggressiveness.

Both the energies possess the seeds of each other. When something begins with Yin, it expands to its peak until the seed of Yang emerges. Then, the Yang expands until it reaches its peak and Yin appears. Thus, it's a cycle.

There is no doubt that Chinese astrology has an element of fascination. And it's also known to depict the negative as well as positive influences in a person's life with high accuracy.