Elements In Astrology: Water

Most of the people must be familiar with the astrological system of sun signs. The system of four elements is a general fundamental set of astrological definitions. In the framework of elements, people are classified as belonging to four groups: water, fire, earth, and air. Three different sun signs come under each element. Those who belong to water are the most sensitive and emotional of all people. Some of them may be extremely creative artists and some others may be incorrigibly introverted, or may be both.

Water Of Emotions

People of the element water belong to three sun sign groups: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Just like water their life can be as happy as the bubbles of a tiny stream or as turbulent as the waves of a mighty ocean. They do not have a dominant or outgoing personality like the people of the elements fire and air have. As a result, people of water are generally not compatible with the people who belong to these two elements for a professional or personal relationship. People who belong to the element earth are a suitable match for those under element water.

People of water are highly sensitive and emotional. They become easily disturbed by external factors and tend to sympathize with the sufferings of others too quickly. They are not adept at communicating their feelings to others during a conversation. They tend to think too much about issues and generally do not discuss the issues with others. They get tired and bogged down at the slightest failure and may seek asylum in solitude.

On the brighter side, people in this group can be great artists if they can find a medium such as writing or painting to suitably communicate their thoughts and inner fears. They possess a vast reservoir of imagination, which, if opportunity beckons, can even overflow unknowingly.

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