Venus- The Planet Of Love And Money

If you are in search of information regarding the astrological effects Venus, then this is the right place to be. The study of this planet would give you an insight into the ways in which you perceive love, friendship and beauty in your life. It also explains the way you express your creativity.

Position Of Venus

The position of Planet Venus on the birth chart would usually be in the same sign as the Sun or one or two signs over in either direction. Because Venus is extremely close to the Sun, it shares the same house position as the Sun.

The brightest and the most visible star in the early evening or the morning sky is the Venus. It is also known as the 'sister star' of Earth because of its proximity to us. Though one can easily locate it in the sky, the planet also disappears while in retrograde periods.

Significance Of Venus In Astrology

  • Planet Venus is considered the kingdom of love and emotions. The influence of Venus directly affects all our relationships.
  • The kind of atmosphere you would live in and the relationship connections that are likely to happen depend on this sign and the house position of Venus in the birth chart.
  • It also explains the factors that make you attractive and popular among your friends and relatives.
  • Venus also sheds light on how much you like to socialize and the kind of people you would like to mingle with.
  • The way you emote your feelings, your emotional behavior and the kinds of friends you like to have, this all depends on the position of Venus.
  • If you have a clashing Venus in your birth chart, then it can lead to misunderstandings among friends and loved ones.
  • Besides leading your friendship lives, Venus also guides the romantic life of a person. It influences our tastes and attractions and what we wish to see in our would-be partner.
  • All the good and bad feelings that we experience and the situations due to which they occur also depend on Venus.
  • If the Venus on your birth chart is in harmony with your partner, then you can look forward to a long and enduring relationship. But if it isn't, then there are bound to be several problems in one's relationship that might even lead to separation.
  • All in all, you could say that the planet Venus deliberately guides one towards his passions, likes and dislikes.
  • Besides the above, Venus also handles the pleasure that we experience from our various possessions. These possessions may be luxuries like paintings, cars and jewelry or even good food and drinks. Our ability to appreciate all the good things in life and live accordingly is driven by the planet Venus. It is an indicator of our values and feelings.

    Planet Venus is never more than 47 degrees from the Sun and takes 255 days to complete its orbit around the zodiac. It is primarily a feminine energy and rules the Taurus and Libra zodiac signs in the 2nd and 7th houses. Its symbol is the circle of the spirit elevated over the cross of matter, something like the Egyptian Ankh.

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