Uranus - The Planet Of Rebellion

Uranus is known as the first Ruler of Gods. It is a distant planet that is blue green like the Earth, yet extremely cold. It is among the first modern planets and was discovered in 1781. Because of its distance from the Earth, the planet is not visible to the naked eye. But if you have keen eyesight and know where to look, then on a clear night, you probably would be able to locate Uranus.

The symbol of Uranus is a cross of matter above the circle of spirit between the columns of Good and Evil, light and dark. Astronomically, little can be said about the planets that are ahead of Saturn. This is because astrology is based on what we see and if a planet cannot be seen properly, calculations based on them are not possible. So, astrologers deal these planets as secondary to the seven traditional planets.

Astrological Significance Of Uranus

Though Uranus is often dealt with caution, still there are many modern astrologers today who are trying to include these secondary planets into the traditional system. But because none of them have a reliable base to back them up, you would often find their opinions rather contradictory. So it all depends on the astrologer you visit and if he wishes to include Uranus into his calculations of the birth chart.

The Planet Uranus

Uranus is a distant planet that takes 84 years to go around the Sun. It remains in one sign for 7 years and therefore its effects can be felt over generations rather than on an individual basis.

  • Uranus is associated with the revolutionary nature of humans. Its sign position determines the psychological area in which the human would show his rebellious attitude.
  • It is also responsible for all sudden and unpredictable happenings.
  • On a more personal front, the planet influences a raise in one's personal consciousness. It also guides one in showing him what the original is and what it can turn out to be once sudden developments take place.
  • Uranus has the capacity to drive someone to try to be unique and special.
  • Besides it can also shock and surprise.
  • The sudden, violent and unexpected nature of the planet also makes it responsible for all natural disasters like earthquakes and landslides.

The total effect and influence of the planet depends on the birth chart on a whole. The sign, the house and its positioning with other planets have a strong bearing on the birth chart's interpretation. All in all, Uranus represents motivation, determination, uniqueness, autonomy, vitality and eccentricity.

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